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KC MFB is a one-stop shop for your finances

Designed to meet all your financial needs, from savings and loans to expert financial advice and more.


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Effortlessly manage daily expenses with KC MFB's checking account. Fast, secure, and easily accessible funds.

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Debit cards

Enjoy convenience and control with KC MFB's debit card. Access your money anytime, anywhere, securely.

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Maximize your wealth with KC MFB's secure, profitable opportunities tailored for your financial growth.

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  • 24/7 account monitoring
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Make your money make you more money

Unlock your financial potential with KC MFB. Our interest-accruing packages maximize your savings. Let your money work for you.

Need money quick? Apply for up to ₦5M

It’s tough to stay debt-free especially when sorting out your unexpected expenses. Apply for a quick loan of up to ₦5 Million today.

Financial literacy at your fingertips

We believe the journey to financial success begins with a pecuniary education. Read our blog to grow your wealth.

Experience next-gen banking

Discover innovative banking solutions at KC MFB. Seamlessly integrate technology for a modern banking experience. Unlock the future of finance with us.